pembroke welsh corgi club of the garden state

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of the Garden State

pembroke welsh corgi club of the garden state

pembroke welsh corgi club of the garden state

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club
of the Garden State


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pembroke welsh corgi club of the garden state

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Rescue Program

The PWCCGS Rescue program is designed to help Pembroke Welsh Corgis who are in need of a new home. Our Pembroke Welsh Corgi rescue dogs come from a variety of places. Many are owner-surrendered due to death or illness/allergies, divorce, financial hardship, or a move where it was not possible for the dog to accompany its owner(s). Some of our rescue corgis are strays from shelters; others have been given up by their owners or turned into rescue as "unmanageable".

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Currently our Rescue Program does not have a chairperson or coordinator. Until we identify a replacement for this position, our Rescue committee will be working with other local and regional rescue organizations to find new homes for Pembroke Weksh Corgis who need one. Please address all Rescue related correspondance to the current Rescue contact person, Lynne Portsmore. Email is preferred but you may also contact Lynne by phone at (201) 445-0878 between the hours of 9:00AM to 8:00PM.

Generally the corgis entering our program are adults; it is rare for a puppy to be turned into our rescue program. Whether young adults or seniors, our rescue team attempts to identify, appraise, re-train and re-home these corgis.

We foster the corgis in our homes for a minimum of 2 weeks before placing them, to get an idea of their personalities and temperaments. If possible, dogs are micro-chipped before placement. All rescue corgis are spayed/neutered before leaving to their new homes, brought up-to-date on shots, tested for heart worm, and provided with any necessary medical care (i.e. teeth cleaning, nails shortened).

Adopting a Corgi from our Rescue Program

Please be aware that none of our rescue corgis are posted on our web site. We keep on file all applications for adoption and we then match a Corgi entering our rescue program to its new home from among applications already received. We directly contact those potential adoptive homes and do home evaluations and reference checks. Thus, all potential adoptive families must agree to allow a member of the rescue committee to visit them in their home prior to any corgi rescue adoption.

Whenever a dog is adopted from us, the new family must sign a corgi adoption contract that states the dog will be a house pet, never off leash in an unfenced area, and that it will be returned to us at any time in its life — for whatever reason — if it can no longer stay in the new home. Rescue remains as a resource for adopters after placement of the dog and will always take a dog back into the program if the placement does not work or the adopter cannot keep the dog.

Donations are requested for the adoption of dogs and a donation is also requested when a dog is given up to the program. Our suggested adoption donation is $200-$300, depending on the amount of vet care the corgi receives and length of time the corgi is in our program.

Placing a Corgi into our Rescue Program

Our rescue team is available to help all pure-bred Pembroke Welsh Corgis in our area but we are not able to accept dogs with a history of biting people. If you are considering giving up your dog due to behavior problems, we encourage you to try working with obedience trainers or behavior specialists first. We can certainly help you to locate qualified individuals to work with you if you are not sure where to start.

When a dog is surrendered to rescue, we require a signed transfer of ownership (surrender form) that states the dog becomes the property of the PWCCGS Rescue. We cannot accept a dog into our program without the completed surrender form. We also cannot and will not try to place a dog that is still living with its owner. The dog will be evaluated by a PWCCGS member to confirm the surrender form's description.

If accepted, we will take the dog at evaluation and place it in foster care while we match the dog with its new prospective home. We also request that the corgi be up-to-date on shots, spayed or neutered, and that medical/vaccination records are provided as available. If not possible, then we will have the appropriate veterinary care provided for the rescue.

If you live in another state, you might want to check our list of other regional Pembroke Welsh Corgi rescue groups to find out more about corgis in their rescue programs and their adoption processes. More information about other regional rescue goups can also be found on the rescue page of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America.

pembroke welsh corgi club of the garden state

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